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Kerri McIntyre

Office Manager / Personal Assistant

Kerri joins the team at The Mortgage Advice Company as Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Allister McIntyre.

Her background is in the Health sector after completing a Bachelor of Nursing in 2003 at Massey University in Wellington. She has spent her years working in a range of fields including Neonates, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology and Occupational health to name a few. She is excited to get the opportunity to support her Husband and Brother in law in the early stages of their new business venture.  She looks forward to the new role and applying her skills in a new direction.

Outside of work, Kerri prioritises her family and friends. She shares two children with her Husband Allister and spends her spare time juggling their busy lives. As a family we enjoy a range of sports, dining out and travel.